NEØV’s origins go back to the late 90’s and a small town called Juankoski in Finnish Lakeland, an area with thousands of blue lakes and tree-covered islands. Two brothers Anssi and Samuli Neuvonen started making music together since early childhood, and after moving to the city of Kuopio, they formed the band Neufvoin, released a couple of sold-out ep’s, toured in Europe, went through some line-up changes and started a new life under the name NEØV. NEØV’s first two albums ‘Orange Morning’ (2013) and ‘Dominique’ (2015) presented the bands characteristic sound palette: floating melodies and flowing rhythms mixed with layered guitars, dozy keyboards and horns. The albums met wide critical acclaim and the band found themselves touring and playing festival shows around Europe. The band’s residence Kuopio is a city surrounded by lakes, with several parts of the town built on small islands. The influence of their surroundings can be heard in the band’s music: it’s expansive but quiet, grandiose but intimate.  NEØV are currently in the studio recording ‘Volant’, the follow up to their critically acclaimed second album.
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