Tom Allan & The Strangest

Tom grew up as the son of a German mother and a British soldier. Maybe his story begins in a small town in West Germany called Erkelenz, where Tom's Dad gets stationed in the 80's and meets his later wife. This small town is where the family moves to after his father ends his service for the Queen’s army By that time, Tom is 14 years old. He isn't athletic, weighs a few pounds too many and his German sounds strange. From the beginning on, the shy and introverted boy is the outsider. But then he writes his first song. He is 15 years old at that time. "For the first time", he remembers 10 years later, "I had the feeling that I had found something, that I was better at than all the others!" This moment changed his life. He begins to play in different bands, loses weight, gains confidence, writes more songs, gets better and better, finds friends and even a girlfriend. Then drugs take over his life. Tom begins to work in a drug help center and supports junkies in all stadiums of misery. He makes extreme experiences that have a lasting effect on him and inspire him to write his best songs so far. Is Tom the future of Rock'n'Roll? Who knows? And most of all - who cares? What is sure is that Tom Allan, who dreams of bringing back honest energy, melodious hook lines wrapped up with rough guitar sounds, melancholy and most of all attitude to the pop world, is a highly talented young musician and lyricist who can take the best from the recent history of music and modernize it and transports it to the present age. Until now, this is the last chapter of this romantic story and one hopes it is going to continue forever, as with all good stories.
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