Omar Rodríguez-López

"The freedom and lack of musical boundaries within Rodríguez-López's sound has never shone brighter that it does on his newly released triple-LP compilation, The Clouds Hill Tapes Parts I, II & III." - SPIN

Omar Rodríguez-López is a long term friend of our studio. Our series "...Live at Clouds Hill" started in 2011 with an improvised “Krautrock” performance of extraordinaire: Faust & Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Jean-Hervé Perón fell backwards with a running chainsaw and slit Rodriguez-Lopez' jeans and only with luck not his leg open. Since that night he played other showcases with Bosnian Rainbows and the Omar Rodríguez-López Group and recorded with At the Drive-In.

Clouds Hill Notes is pleased to announce that it has acquired the catalogue of Rodríguez-López Productions, Omar Rodríguez-López’s record label master and publishing rights. Coinciding with the recent release of Omar Rodríguez-López’s Clouds Hill Tapes, a triple-album of music recorded at the Hamburg recording studio that has been his refuge and inspiration for many years, music producer, CEO and founder of Clouds Hill Group Johann Scheerer felt: “It’s about the right time to announce the acquisition of the RLP catalogue publishing now. After being Omar Rodríguez-López’s friend and business partner for such along time, I am honoured and proud that he decided to also entrust me with this catalogue. Our HQ in Hamburg is now responsible to push this unique catalogue back into everyone’s minds.“ The Rodríguez-López Productions catalogue acquired by Clouds Hill includes numerous solo albums by Omar Rodríguez-López, DeFacto, Antemasque and more.

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