Being inspired by new people in his life has been a crucial part in the development of what now is Roofman.

Roofman is the indie project around Dutch songwriter Thijs van der Meulen. Hailing from the forests of the Netherlands, he collaborates with a variety of international musicians to get the most out of every song. Debut single Slot Machine / VLT’s was recorded with Canadian musician Micah Erenberg (The Secret Beach) and has been released on December 10th on Clouds Hill. Roofman’s Thijs van der Meulen (1993) grew up in the forests of the Dutch ‘Veluwe’ region. “Growing up in a small village, you often end up hanging around at the same places with the same people” he explains. “Slot Machine / VLT’s describes a period of my teenage years, when my single friends and I used to go out time and time again hoping to be surprised by someone new.”

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December 10th 2021
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