Deantoni Parks

Deantoni Parks / Technoself Live at Clouds Hill

Format: Digital
June 26th 2020

Deantoni Parks

Deantoni Parks is an American new wave/avantgarde/experimental drummer, songwriter, actor and record producer. He is the founder, producer and drummer of the New York band KUDU and half of the author duo We Are Dark Angels with composer, producer and keyboardist Nicci Kasper, who is also a member of KUDU. He was a member of progressive rock band The Mars Volta and is currently (together with Kasper) a member of alternative rock band Bosnian Rainbows. The "... Live at Clouds Hill" series has been around for several years. It all began in 2011 with an improvised "Krautrock" performance in a class of its own. Faust & Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Jean-Hervé Perón fell backwards with a running chainsaw and slit open Rodriguez- Lopez' jeans, only with luck not the leg. Since then, big bands like Le Butcherettes (US), Nissennenmondai (JP), Bosnian Rainbows (US), Wargirl (US), Dillon (D), Kolars (US) or Peter Doherty (UK) have been guests and honoured the sacred halls of Clouds Hill Studios with magnificent live performances. These performances in front of fans and friends are recorded on tape and mixed live. With the last sound played, the recording is finished and can be cut to vinyl. Imperfection as a concept. As a carrier of emotions. And it was exactly such a magical evening that fans and friends could experience with Deantoni Parks at the Clouds Hill Festival 2019. All recorded on 24-track tape.

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