We Play

We Play

Hamburg, Germany-based drummer and producer Lucas Kochbeck and Lincoln, Nebraska-based ex-Eagle Seagull front man Eli Mardock were introduced via email by mutual friends who knew they’d be a musical match-made-in-heaven. In their sound nothing is out of bounds: lo-fi electronics, fuzzed out soul, garage-rock infused dance beats and shoe-gaze guitars. All elements are combined perfectly in their upcoming EP We Play. It`s a surprisingly focused and fully realized collection of songs full of coy swagger, teen malaise, and garage psychedelia. Lucas and Eli have crafted sonic textures ranging from overdriven bass to quirky synths and organs, dreamy background vocals, and the rolling pidder-padder of garage rock drums. Eli’s lyrics capture a wide range of moods and emotions: the boredom of youth, the deep gratitude of real love, the electric up and down moments of a one-night stand, and a general us-versus-the- world sort of attitude. The Kiez is a pop band. But, like the best party- inducing pop, there is always a hint of insight towards the ineffable. Their debut album will be released in 2018 through Warner Music Germany.

February 1st 2018
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