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Check out our new merch collection!

Check out our new merch collection!

Rainbow Junkie Roofman

Rainbow JunkieRoofman

Gewalt Live at Clouds Hill Gewalt

Gewalt Live at Clouds HillGewalt

The Slow Lean Teri Gender Bender

The Slow LeanTeri Gender Bender

Let The Night Love You INVSN

Let The Night Love YouINVSN

Let’s Begin Teri Gender Bender

Let’s BeginTeri Gender Bender

GIVE ME, GIVE ME (feat. Omar Rodríguez-López) Teri Gender Bender

GIVE ME, GIVE ME (feat. Omar Rodríguez-López)Teri Gender Bender

Pour Me (I’m Drifting) Roofman

Pour Me (I’m Drifting)Roofman

Saturn Sex Teri Gender Bender

Saturn SexTeri Gender Bender

Federal Express Two Year Vacation

Federal ExpressTwo Year Vacation

Clouds Hill Cosmos

The Clouds Hill Group specialises in everything that music is and can be: the idea of a song, placed in a commercial or a movie; a high-end recording of a song pressed on vinyl and distributed to all record stores world-wide; a unique marketing campaign for an exciting album that will blow people‘s minds; communication with the most passionate fans from all over the globe. But Clouds Hill is more than a record label, publishing company or studio. We provide a second home for artists from all over the world. A safe space to work creatively shielded from the business buzz but still highly connected to all relevant parts of the music industry worldwide.